Denise is an example of gumption and perseverance. She has an internal compass pointing in the direction of fairness and equity. On this moral canvas, she overlays the intricate details of a deep understanding and knowledge of the law and public policy. She has successfully come to be known as an expert in her field by local governments, minority and women’s organizations and the construction industry at large.
Don Greenwell
Builder’s Association of Missouri and Kansas
Denise has a powerful combination of passion and savvy when working on behalf of the equine industry. I tapped into her expertise when helping a well known equine brand investigate new opportunities. Her wisdom helped frame a successful change in business strategy. I look forward to the opportunity to collaborate again.
Susan Spaulding
Recalibrate Strategies
I would highly recommend the services of Denise Farris. In addition to being an accomplished horseman, Denise is considered to be one of the top equine law attorneys in the country. Her work ethic is “over the top” and she is loaded with common sense.
Ernie Rodina
Better Horses Network Inc.
Denise is an ardent supporter of small business who does not hesitate to share her wealth of knowledge about contract law and processes.
Patricia B.
Regional Administrator
Small Business Administration
Denise is always willing to go the extra mile for her clients, including working while she is out of town on vacations. She shows good common sense when representing her clients.
David Kenner
Henry W. Bloch School of Management, UMKC
While I have known Denise for several years through NAWBO, I had the opportunity experience her professionalism and enthusiasm when she worked on developing the Power of Pink program. Her commitment, attention to detail and compassion was contagious. She raised the bar for all of us and helped us grow as an organization!
Marty Stanley
Dynamic Dialogue
Denise knows the value of a buck. Denise is one of those attorneys who knows how to get to the bottom of an issue without wasting time or money or compromising her client's position.
James Freeman
Construction & Business Attorney
Swanson Bernard LLC
Denise has knowledge in the equine field in addition to her expertise in the law. We at National Equine Adjusting, Inc. have great respect for her and her work.
Fred Whittet
National Equine
I hired Denise when I was in search of a show horse capable of competing at the national level to help me in reviewing sales contracts and in some cases getting advice during the negotiation process of sales prospects. She was always prompt to respond and provided excellent advice in each situation. I also sought her services in preparation of lease agreements for another transaction. I always felt that I received top level service and would not hesitate to go back to her again for any future needs again.
Kerri VanMeveren
Chief Strategist
Amazing Traditions LLC
I have been associated with Denise in various capacities thru various civic organizations and committees. She is one of the most honest and fair individuals that I know. It is not always easy to do the right thing but you can always count on Denise to do exactly what is right and fair. She has the utmost integrity in all of her dealings. I would recommend her for work in any of her many passions and disciplines.
Shelly Biondi
Founding Partner
SNJ Billing
Denise and I served together on the National Assoc of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) Board of Directors, Kansas City Chapter. She's full of creative ideas, energy and enthusiasm. If she says she will take on an assignment, you can feel confident she'll get it done. Denise is a business owner, attorney and community leader I trust and respect.
Deborah Kohler
Scribble Mountain
Denise is the foremost attorney in the Kansas City SMSA in matters of equine law. In setting up my equine business the only person I considered to do my legal work was Denise. Being a law school graduate, I appreciate the value of excellent representation. I have been very pleased with the professionalism of her work product and would recommend her to anyone needing legal assistance in equine matters.
Sam McChesney
Managing Member
Painted M Ranch
From the moment I met Denise I knew that I had found an invaluable resource and colleague. She has such a warm and inviting way about her but yet is so direct and right-on when dealing with difficult situations. I have often called upon her to find the best means and contacts throughout the city and the country. I have great admiration for all that Denise has accomplished and for how well-known and respected Denise is throughout the construction and equestrian communities. Denise has taken her passions and made them something we can all believe in. She does so much good for women business owners, fighting our fights and giving us the guidance we need to face the challenges she has already faced and conquered. It is an honor to know and be involved in organizations in which Denise belongs.
Meredyth Melcher
The Running Well Store
Denise Farris developed the entire deck of Equine documents to successfully run my Equine facility and kept them updated for over 17 years; those documents are still in use by the new owner. Denise also developed the addendums to the Homes Association documents for an executive community I developed that was adjacent to the Equine center. These documents addressed the complexity of having Equine trails through a community that allowed both pedestrians and Equine activity to take place. This extended to the rights and obligations of the residents to have right of way when visiting the Equine facility. The HOA addendum made clear the rights of all parties when using the community amenities that were shared, and the rights the Equine center had when residents would visit the Equine facility in a limited fashion. These documents allowed for a peaceful co-existence between the Equine Facility and the Executive community, gave proper legal protection to all parties with clear rights and obligations of all parties, and assisted both the community and Equine center for insurance purposes. Denise is definitely the professional to go to for all Equine legal needs and Equine related needs. I relied heavily on her professional knowledge of the Law and also her in depth knowledge of Equine activities. If you are making a decision to have an Equine facility or Equine related event you would be wise to make Denise Farris a choice when making that decision.
Earnest Wassman
Owner, Consultant
Silvertooth Partners
Denise is a renowned expert in equine law. She is in high demand for her knowledge of compounding and vet practices, writes articles for Equine magazines and advises equine businesses on best practice and liability issues. She is also a consummate horsewoman in her own right.
Margaret Reynolds
Denise is a champion for small businesses and women owned small businesses.
Rhonda Hardin
Business Development Specialist
U.S. Small Business Administration
Denise is innovative, a problem solver and a first-rate attorney.
Bill Odle
Sports & Entertainment Law
Shook, Hardy & Bacon LLP
Denise is a bundle of energy – she is involved in numerous activities and manages them all quite well. She is very knowledgeable about women and minority business certification issues. She is a go getter and a strong advocate for women business owners. We are lucky to have her working on these issues for us!
Colleen White
Strategic Workplace Solutions Inc.
Denise and I worked together for several years. She is always prepared, insightful and passionate. She is a professional in the strongest sense. I highly recommend her.
Mary Lou Jacoby
Warehouse One Inc.
Denise has been the expert who has assisted me a number of times when faced with navigating through certification and government requirements. Her success has allowed me to confidently refer her to a number of individuals needing similar assistance.
Carol Howelll
Estimator/Project Manager
Imperial Construction Inc.
You will not find anyone who fights the good and honorable fight for legal issues concerning Women Owned Businesses in the way that Denise does. Her research, arguments, and reasoning are impeccable.
Jeanne Brooks