Equine purchasers and sellers have different aims in the process. The seller wants to find a good home, with sales conditions that cut off further liability. The buyer wants to find a good horse that will perform as intended and represented, with more open ended liability on the seller. Trainers, agents and veterinarians are often involved in the middle of this transaction.

This seminar will train YOU to:

  • Identify your specific goals as buyer or seller
  • Identify specific clauses to meet those goals
  • Identify additional clauses dealing with the trainer, agent or veterinarian’s role in the transaction
  • Identify specific state clauses regarding mandatory disclosures
  • Identify the MAJOR differences between a sales contract and a lease

Cost is $15 per person and includes breakfast and handouts.

A brief presentation will be given by the Missouri Horse Council.


$20 per ticket
$5 early bird discount through February 13